La La La


On Stabler:

HairBase: UNORTHODOX – Wave 16 half moon

FacialHair: RM – V1 Full Beard

Beard: UNORTHODOX – Half Goatee 2

Sweater: !BeUp! Male V-Neck – From Second Life Fashion Week 

Pants: .cutz. – Skinny Jeans

Cap: [BLK2.0] Beanie-BlackSTD

Necklace: J UD A S – THE REVOLUTION  “Versace Medusa Diffused” Chain

Earring: J UD A S – THE REVOLUTION ” Versace Medusa Head” Earring

Glass: J UD A S – THE REVOLUTION “Vintage Versace” Shades

Tatto face: -AK– Dolphin Tribal Tattoo

Piercing: {Sugar Heart} – Mesh Septum Ring

Shoes: J UD A S – THE REVOLUTION “Hermes Seude Loafers”



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