Do you think your clothing textures are of the best on the grid? Do you want to make money and gain more experience from making clothes to one day open your own store? Do you already have a store but want to add to your income? Are you a photographer or graphic designer? Do you love taking and editing pictures in Second Life? Do you wanna make some extra Lindens to fund your Second Life doing what you LOVE? If you answered yes to any of these questions Unorthodox and its sister store XODOHTRONU is looking for YOU. Dedicated SERIOUS inquries ONLY.

We are now hiring fall positions:
These positions include:

1. Clothing designer/ Mesh Retexture
-designers must be photoshop proficient
-must be capable of successfully texturing a SEAMLESS mesh garment with appropriate shading (meshes provided)
-High Quality/Hand drawn textures are a plus!
-Great Weekly pay

2. DJ’s..DOPE ONLY! (DOPE Venue is Provided!!)
-Must be capable of throwing a good interactive set
-Must be voice enabled.
-Must be able to demonstrate dj skills (We have to be invited to a of yours)
-Negotiable pay plus you keep 100% of your tips

3. Graphic Designers (Ad and promotional pictures)
-Photoshop proficient
-Job description includes creating simple and conceptual AD pictures for new merchandise
-Designers must be able to take edit and provide their own pictures
-Must be familiar with typography and able to create NEAT layouts using picture/word combinations (ad pictures)
-Must Provide examples of work in application
-Weekly or By the job pay (negotiable)

4. Graphic Designers (Vendor pictures)
-Photoshop proficient
-job description includes creating simple and conceptual vendor pictures for new merchandise.
-Must be familiar with typography and able to create NEAT layouts using picture/word combinations (ad pictures)
-By the job pay (negotiable)

6. Stylist
-Must be able to successfully put together an eyecatching outfit with the last SL fashions, XODOHTRONU and Unorthodox Merchandise
-Blog or pictures required

5. Videographers
-Must able to shoot, direct and edit high quality video
-Url to most recent/ best work provided in application
-Negotiable pricing.

6. Mesh Creators-
-Must be able to create realistic mesh
Negotiable Price

7. Photographers- (event and blog photographers)
-Must be capable of takin multiple high quality

Still Interested? Great!!
Please Copy & Paste the application below and send it in a notecard to XODOHTRONU in world (in second life) OR send an inbox message to Tonio Harmison on Facebook (not on second life). These positions will fill FAST so do not wait to apply!


Unorthodox Xodohtronu Fall 2013 Job Application

Name (Second Life Name):

Age (SL days old):

Job Applying For: (Clothing Designer, Graphic Designer, DJ, Videographer, Mesh creator, Photographer):

Desired Salary (per week or by job):

Experience (stores owned or blog info):

Websites & URLS (or links to your work if applicable):

Other occupations on SL:

Anything else you want to tell Us:

Job applications will be reviewed. You will receive a confirmation message when your application has been received. If we like your application we will contact you with further information about the position(s) you are applying for. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Failure to complete this application or follow any directions stated above will result in disregarding your application.

Thank you


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