Review Policy as a blogger

  • I choose to blog things that speak to me, in my style (my aesthetic, my preference in the fashion world), items that inspire me, and that will inspire others.
  • I do not blog all the items I receive, that doesn’t mean the item is not good. Ok?
  • I like to blog new releases when they come out whenever possible. I blog on my time, please have patience .
  • However I do try to blog each and every store atleast once
  • I do very much appreciate the opportunity to blog your pieces, and if you are interested, please send me a note card (in world SL) with the information before you send a group invite (my preference is to receive items and a message for confirmation that I received it).

You are welcome always.
Thank you so much.

Reese Mcardle (Frankey G Haze)
(offical blogger and model of Unorthodox)



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